Let's talk about money

  • No 9
    Financial fraud

    Payment difficulties

    You are no longer able to pay your bills due to payment difficulties and are looking for a way out? Beware of loan fraud!

  • No 8
    Financial fraud

    Can you rely on stock tips? Beware of Pump and Dump Manipulation

    Have you received a hot stock tip? Beware – don’t become a victim of market manipulation!

  • No 7
    Funds fees

    Fund fees: compare them!

    When buying units in a fund, you are charged fund fees. Is your fund expensive or cheap?

  • No 6
    Financial fraud

    Money Laundering

    How illegal assets are given a legal appearance, and what we can do to prevent this.

  • No 5

    Crypto-Assets, Tokens, Coins?

    Crypto-assets are also called coins or tokens, and may furnish you with a right or a claim.

  • No 4


    Don’t be taken in – not every financial product is as green as it seems!

  • No 3

    Insurance Comparison Portals

    Comparison portals provide an overview of available products and make it easier to comparing offerings between different insurance companies. However, only if you know exactly what you ought to be aware of.

  • No 2

    Online Consumer Loans

    Online consumer loans can be taken out in a matter of a few clicks, but may have long-term consequences. What you need to look out for when taking one out.

  • No 1
    Financial fraud

    Beware of financial scams!

    Stick to the FMA’s check-list and don’t fall for financial scams.

  • No 0

    Money isn’t…

    … something you should talk about? Perhaps we really ought to! That’s why the FMA is starting a new information series that casts light on interesting aspects about different basic financial topics.